Playback component missing

I hope someone can help.
Each time I open Dorico SE 3, I get the following message found in the screenshot. I have re-installed the package several times as suggested but the same pop-up appears each time.
The instrument detected says Retrologue… Is that correct?
What to do?

No, Retrologue is not a part of the Dorico installation.
You need to open the Steinberg Download Assistant and in the Dorico section download and install every package that is listed there.

Please correct me, I may have been downloading improperly - In an effort to avoid repeated downloads of content. such as when upgrading Cubase 11 to 12. I have been downloading each item found in the download section into their respective individual folders…
Should I just be downloading everything into one folder?

Just click Install All. If the SDA finds that some parts have already been downloaded, it will note that and link to them to save download time.

Ah… Ok, got it! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I went back and redownloaded everything found in the SDA - my products section. When starting Dorico 3 I received the same message.
Dorico 3 missing playback components
I have not purchased the Dorico SE 3 in the SDA Dorico section which is where I have re-downloaded from. I believe the Dorico I’m searching for is one that would have been offered by Cubase as a free download at one time. (I’m not sure - I do not recall when or how I first downloaded the file… Maybe that is the cause of the missing component).
I’m on a modem and takes 24 hrs. or more to download 30 GB. is why I initially separated the folders individually.
Will Dorico SE5 do in place of Dorico SE3?
I’m attempting to transcribe music notation into piano sounds. I’ll have to learn how to use the software as well. Working with Cubase’s Scores Editor is difficult for me at the present.

The contents packs are different between Dorico Pro, Elements and SE but the executable is same for all 3. Only the license decides as to what derivate it will start up to.
Could you please do from Dorico´s main menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks. That will give me enough information to come later with more advice.

Hello Ulf Thanks for getting back to me. I have included a diagnostic for both Dorico 3 and 5. Dorico 5 opens no problem. I have yet to explore Dorico SE 5. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow. As much I presently understand - Dorico 5 is for writing and printing out sheet music. Dorico SE 3 is for generating sound. What I am needing to do is transpose musical sheet notation into musical sound such as a piano for choir purposes.

I appreciate your help - Thanks


Dorico 3 (2.52 MB)

Dorico 5 (499 KB)

Thanks for the data. I had a quick check and I see that Dorico 3 detects lots of vstsound files, also the content that comes with Cubase. I have not checked every single file, but it looks like pretty much everything is there. Maybe Dorico 3 gets confused over the fact that also Dorico 5 is installed. Dorico 5 does not show such alert during start-up, right?
But what confuses me, if you have Dorico 5, why do you still use Dorico 3? I mean, with version 5 you can do everything that also version 3 can plus much more.

Hello Ulf

It is because I am not a techno-guy and my lack of knowledge of the product. I will uninstall Dorico 3 and learn how to use Dorico 5.

I thank you for helping me get onto the right pathway.



You are welcome, Daniel.

And by the way, you can even leave both installed if you like, but don’t run them in parallel at the same time, that will bring you trouble.