Playback: Controlling vibrato in violin solo

The current controls for tweaking articulation in solo violin are very impressive! Bravi.
Yet, one property of the playback - vibrato - is pretty exaggerated.
Is there a way to control it: diminish the amplitude of vibrato, or even have non-vibrato on long notes?

I’ve had a bit of a look at the controls provided in HALion Symphonic Orchestra for the violin patches, but I’m afraid I don’t believe there is any control over vibrato possible. Sorry!

Thank you for the clarification, Daniel.
Igor Borodin

Has this issue been resolved in Dorico 2? Or is it a problem with the VST patches?

There’s nothing we can do in Dorico itself to change the way the HSO patches were recorded and programmed more than a decade ago, I’m afraid. If you do have a VST instrument that provides vibrato control, you should be able to use it with Dorico.

there are CC codes in NotePerformer to adjust amplitude and frequency of vibrato (at least they are there in Sibelius).