Playback Count In

I am able to get count in to work for record mode. I am having trouble making count in work for playback. What am I missing? Is Cubase Elements capable of doing count in while in the playback mode?

I only have Cubase Pro so perhaps this won’t translate, but in the metronome settings there is an option to count-in for playback grouped with the count-in for recording. Do you not have the option, by chance?

I am using Cubase Elements 10.5.2. When I open the Metronome Setup, there is no option for count in on play back.

Thanks for responding to my post.

My pleasure! I did a little research and at this point, I believe it should be there…

Does your setup dialog look like this?

Yes, the metronome setup dialog looks like the one you have shown. It only works for recording.

Strange… I think you need someone from Steinberg to chime in here, because if your metronome setup dialog looks exactly like the one in the link, it should also be working for playback.

I’m not from Steinberg per se. I tried it out in Elements to make sure and the metronome worked.

Match your settings to these screen grabs, maybe that will help…

I am using Cubase Elements version 10.5.20 on a PC with Windows 10 Home. I compared my Metronome Setup screens with yours and they are exactly the the same. My Cubase version does not due a count in when I select play on the transport bar. However it will do a count in when I select record on the transport bar.

Activate Click during count-in? Does that make it work?

There might be a difference for Elements, due to the use of the Control Room (Cubase Pro only)

It does not work. I am now thinking Cubase Elements just do not have the capability intended by Steinberg. It can be safely assumed that Cubase Pro has count in for playback. I am now wondering if I upgrade to Cubase Artist, will it have count in for playback?