Playback crash after removing clips

What is this crash now?

I had a long montage that was working fine as far as playback, I made as save as of the montage and removed some clips to prepare vinyl side A. As I was attempting playback to verify the newly added CD track end marker at the end of the montage was correctly placed, and I got this crash twice in a row.

All I do his hit play and Wavelab crashes to produce this. What does it mean?

OSX 10.9.5
WL 8.5.20 64-bit
WaveLab (20.3 KB)

This is yet a memory corruption issue, the same kind of problem you had before, in other contexts.
If you have the chance, try on another machine to see if you get similar problems.

Thanks. In the next few days I’ll do some thorough testing on my laptop to see if I can recreate any of these memory related crashes.