Playback Cursor becoming Tiny BLACK!

Update : after a new ticket, support said that a new graphic card might solve the problem. They won’t say more (obviously they are completely lost).
I use the graphic chipset included in my i7. Anyone uses a physical graphic card and yet has the bug ?

I’m on 10.5 and I get this issue regularly. I also use the minus key to rewind a lot which makes sense with Aldergrover’s post above.

I’m on a fairly recent nVidia GPU and updated driver.
I’m thinking of switching to an AMD card eventually as I’ve heard it might help with some Cubase graphical issues such as this one. If I ever do, I’ll post my results here.

Hello Steinberg’s team, I don’t know if anyone reads this forum but the bug is still here in 11.0.20

3 years and not a single f*** given, great job !


Confirmed. Still exists in 11.0.20.

Same here. Had it for ages. Different graphics cards in different computers, same issue.

I posted it with pictures. Fix was promised to me by support but they let me down.

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I get this issue too. Often. And that’s on an almost empty arrangement, with only a few instruments loaded.

3 years later, still no fix :confounded:

Fix this already!

Still not fixed in 11.0.41 :confounded:
It still appears randomly, even with no plugins loaded and no tracks !
Every update since Cubase 9 the support promise me it will be fixed with the next update. I don’t believe them anymore.
Maybe @Matthias_Quellmann you can do something ?

I discovered how to fix that. Click on this button to make the window resizable
Then you will find that you can resize the window with the arrows. Make smaller and then bigger. And issue solved. Steinberg sometimes sucks. ·3 years later and normal users finding solutions to their bugs (I am in cubase 12)

Still not fixed in Cubase 12!

Happens in C12.0.40 aswell. This was supposedly fixed back in C11, but here we are…

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It’s an absolute disgrace.

12.05…One more update without this issue fixed…

Confirmed. Saw it again today after updating to 12.0.5 for the first time in a year.


and more bugs, sometimes the tracks (visualization) disappears from the screen although it continues to play.

I love Cubase but, it’s disappointment after disappointment.

In short, we will always be the ones who, despite everything, continue to use this software

lol, haha

I bought Cubase 12 and dont even use it, to buggy and slow. I stick with Cubase 10.5 and i’ll wait a couple of years, maybe then…

I feel this is an issue with many features on Cubase. Smaller areas where I need my cursor to go on numerous occasions. There has been some small improvement of late, but keep it user-friendly by bigger areas for sliders etc. Also re-sizable plugin windows. Not exactly related but …