Playback Cursor Disappearing Windows 125% 4K


Yet another rocky start for a fresh Cubase upgrade.

So the issue is that for some reason, the playback cursor disappears. That’s it. Simple as that. It’s gone. I can see it move in the top ruler but it’s not showing in the Project Window at all. Also, Cubase’s transport controls are hidden under the Windows task bar at full screen.

I’m working with Windows 10 at 125% on a 4k display. HiDPI support still very odd and buggy. How can both these bugs not be picked up by beta testers? I’ve only worked with Cubase 11 for a day and already a bunch of crashes and bugs to report.


Isn’t it related to this thread by any chance?

Related in the fact that the HiDPI scaling is not working properly yes. But it seems to be a different issue.

Same here, only solution is to scroll somewhere else and then back, then the cursor appears again. Nothing really annoying if you get used to, but still funny that it wasnt noticed in the test phase.