Playback cursor gone haywire!

In Cubase there doesn’t seem to be reliable sync between SL and the project. I’ve even had two playbacks at once, one from each and not in sync. Also a case where I couldn’t get the project to stop: every time I hit space it skipped back to its starting point and carried on playing.

What gives?

Adjust buffer settings? Update ASIO driver? Use 44.1k files in multitrack projects?
It sounds like you’ve got some killer latency issues.

This is possible. This is an old machine. Two new SSDs have made a big difference but I’m down on CPU. 16GB RAM seems enough for the moment though. I’m using ASIO4ALL for this kind of work so I could try fiddling with the buffers or switch to the Focusrite but it feels responsive enough tbh, except when I overdid the selects by asking it to find harmonics across the file (about 4min of 44.1k 24-bit stereo). Now that was unresponsive but the issues I’m describing here weren’t those kind.