Playback delayed before actually starting

Is there a way to change the pre-roll or buffer size when starting playback? After initiating playback (say from the spacebar) there is a 1 to 2 second delay before the playback head actually starts. There is only one staff. My buffer size is 128 with 441, and a maxed out MacBook Pro.

The delay is due to Dorico calculating all the playback data. Note that unlike a DAW, it isn’t just playing back MIDI data, is has to go through many stages of resolving dynamics, articulations, playing techniques, etc, which takes time to calculate.

We have done some optimisations for the next update which has greatly reduced the playback preparation time for a number of the large scores we have. There are other things we hope to do in the future to reduce the amount of recalculation.

Got it, thanks.