Playback distorted


With Dorico 3.5 I got a big problem with the playback in Dorico. Playback works fine, but as soon as I stop playback, select a note or do anything else in the programme and start playback, the sound jerks and is distorted and the tempo of the playback decreases. To fix this, I have to open the audio configurations each time and click OK once - apparently something in the ASIO driver is then reloaded. After that, everything works fine again until I stop the playback again… And so on and so forth…

Does anyone have an idea how I can change this? At first I thought it might be my Bluetooth headphones, but whether it’s computer speakers, external wired speakers or headphones, the problem persists. Also under Dorico 4.

I use Windows 10 on a Dell notebook with 16 GB RAM.
I’ll attach the error diagnosis right away.

Dorico (376.6 KB)

I suppose I know what is wrong. You are on a slightly outdated NotePerformer version.
Go to Wallander’s website and request the latest version and you should be fine again.

Ah. Ok sometimes it could be that simple. I will try this and will come back. Thank you!