Playback dropout when loading Vst's or deleting Tracks

Is it normal for the audio to dropout for 2-4 seconds every time I load a VST or delete a track?
Maybe I’m missing a setting. I tried messing around with the sample rate but nothing. I’ve never experienced this in any of the other programs I use, they may take a few seconds to load the Vst (to be expected), but they never cut the audio while that process takes place.
Just wondering if it’s behaving as expected?

Did you do what Armand asked in Why is Cubase still so buggy and full of strange behavior? - #26 by Armand ?

If so he is investigating.

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It is normal as the audio engine must be reset when dealing with structural changes occurring in the project structure, in this sense this is not what we refer to as a drop out although there might be plans to improve this use case in the future. This is not scheduled yet so this is neither an announcement nor a promise. Stay tuned nonetheless!