Playback dynamics and expression map


New user in trial mode and most likely buying mode as I’m coming from Finale 2014b…

I have set up an expression map for my Hauptwerk VST and have “connected” the different voices to three different manuals + pedals. Expression changes are only done in channel 1 (I doesn’t seems to be able to change this) triggered by custom made dynamics and that is ok, but I have also a swell shoe connected to CC11 which are affected by the dynamic changes and the midi sent are not only from the voice connected to channel 1, but all other voices. So I have to use channel 1 the technique, but omni for the dynamics. I can make some other techniques especially for the swell shoe, but then I will have to manually write in the cresc.s and dim.s; with the hairpins they happen automatically. I could connect the dynamics to the crescendo pedal, but that is not very practical when writing for organ and song.

Is there a better way of doing this?

I saw in another thread that there was some plans for the way Dorico works with organ music so maybe there will be a better way soon.
Would be great if one could specify if the dynamic should be for the stops or the swell shoe and that we could, with only a playing technique, tell Dorico to use the different manuals.

Best regards Marcus

Welcome to the forum, @Julenissen. I’m sorry to say that I don’t personally have any experience with using Hauptwerk with Dorico, but there are a number of users who are using it with good success. A quick search for Hauptwerk in the forum should turn up some interesting results, though from memory I can’t remember whether these specific issues related to the continuous controllers used for expression have come up.


As you said it doesn’t seem like anybody has tried to do this with an organ, but I’ll expermient further in Dorico and maybe I’ll find some help from other topics in the forum about similar issues.

I guess the need for a good organ playback arised from finally having effortless good-looking sheetmusic!