Playback feature requests


Only been trying the demo for a short while, and I’m sure I’m getting ahead of where your current plans are, but as a composer for film and media looking to ‘try’ and get a notation based workflow in the long run rather than a sequencer, there’s a lot of things I’d like to see added to make Dorico able to replace not only other programs, but also cubase;


  • Add multiple audio inputs within the mixer (mainly for multi mic instruments routed through something like VE Pro/Kontakt - allows for creating large templates that are customizable per project).
  • Batch export, if it isn’t already implemented


  • The ability to route through VE Pro inputs AND standard midi channel, this works in cubase so you can access channel 1-20 (so 20 kontakt instances) and all 16 midi channels within those 20 kontakt instances, all within 1 VE Pro instance.


  • CC Data tables, I know this is coming eventually, but it really is essential for making any attempt at creating realistic sounding mockups
  • Ability to add program/expression map changes to any visible item on the page (ie typing something like “Sul tasto” would allow you to trigger one keyswitch, cc data or program change, and then assign “Normale” to something else etc)

Midi Automation:

  • Randomize velocities within a set range per dynamic marking (ie 1-10 for ppp, 11-20 for pp etc, with perhaps a starting velocity towards the upper range to allow for some humanization representation)
  • Humanize timings and velocities within chords (so for chords not every note is played the same dynamic nor time, an anti-quantize if you will, would just make it easier going from the “write” stage to the “play” stage, not having to slightly adjust every single note to make it seem a bit more human)

Thanks for your time

Audio ins: I think this is the first request of that which I have seen. Perhaps it’s something we can think about longer term, though we do want to go down the road of ensuring that users of big libraries such as VE Pro can get the benefit in Dorico.
Batch export: no support as yet, but it’s the sort of function that would naturally fall out of our scripting features in future versions. I would envisage the ability to export separate instruments or create mix stems would be very useful.
MIDI out: this is something we hope to attack soon
CC automation: ditto!
Expression map changes: when we extend Playing Techniques to allow your own then that should really enhance their use. As it is today, if you have a ‘sul tasto’ in your Expression Map then this will be automatically triggered when you have the Sul Tasto Playing Technique in the score
Humanisation of timing and dynamics: coming in the next update :slight_smile:

Beautiful, I look forward to every update!