Playback for double DC arias

I have a piece which is a “double Da Capo” aria: recit, A section, B section, (repeat A); recit, new A section, new B section (repeat A section). The repeats are marked as Da Capo Al Fine.

I can’t get Dorico to playback the second aria. When I select a note and press P, it plays backs from somewhere in the first aria. Obviously, it is because I have a “Fine” instruction that it won’t go past.

How can I get Dorico to ‘jump’? Do I have to use a “To Coda” in place of the Fine? Or is there another way?

Can you post a miniaturised version of the repeat structure?

Here is the structure of the piece.

If I select a bar in the second half and playback using P, I get playback from a bar at some point in the first half.

I would be reluctant to use separate Flows, because this whole structure is one titled and number section in a larger work (in which most of the sections follow this format.)

I’ve experimented with using a Coda, and customizing the “To Coda” text, which I suppose is clearer and more standard, if not conforming to the 18th-century marks!
Double DC (311 KB)


Is this what you want to have.

Double DC (310 KB)

That’s certainly “The Coda Option”. Thanks. I’m unsure whether that’s how I want to display it, though the markings are easily customized. But I’m mostly checking that there aren’t any other options that I’ve missed.