Playback for Lift (straight) and Lift (wavy) jazz articulations?

I know that as of Dorico 3.5, jazz articulations can be connected to expression map playback techniques. However, I can’t find an appropriate technique for Lifts. There’s Scoop, and it is triggered by the Scoop articulation, but it is not triggered by the Lift (straight) or Lift (wavy) jazz articulations. I also noticed that NotePerformer doesn’t respond to these jazz articulations, either.

Any idea what’s up? I would prefer to use the straight line lift articulation rather than the scoop articulation in a string score I’m working on so that I can adjust their visual contour, and I don’t want to have to manually enter the CC’s or keyswitches to trigger them. I tried creating a playback technique with the name “Lift”, but this did not appear to work.

It looks like Dorico is expecting the “Rip” playback technique to be used for the lift jazz articulation.

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Indeed, that worked! I added the Rip to the expression map, and now the Lift articulations trigger the corresponding playback mappings.

Duplicating Scoop in the NotePerformer expression map and setting it to Rip also has the desired playback for Lift articulations. @Wallander Consider updating the expression map accordingly :slight_smile: