Playback for sectional solo player (dorico 5 +noteperformer 4 - plus OPUS-hollywood ew)

i am running dorico 5 with noteperformer 4. this feels like a repost but the only thing i could find was 4 years old so hopefully something has changed. i have several places where one player in a string section splits of to a solo part which so noted in the score. However, on playback, it sounds like an entire section. is there a way to get this to sound like one player. I really don’t want to add a solo specific player for this as it only affects a few measures and feels like a hack.

If your Opus package contains a solo instrument, I would first try to assign that to a separate voice (IRV) in Play mode to see if that solves the problem.

ISV will do it for those few measures as mentioned, to route to a solo VST instance. FWIW - Since they are so exposed, I always take more direct control of solo parts direct to Opus. Opus has that wide palette of sample choices for solo instruments as I’m sure you know, And I find Opus Gypsy Violin to be a secret weapon to play some bits - like a vocalist who can’t help styling just a little, it helps the overall illusion of live players if I manage to incorporate it well. IRCAM solo instruments are good for that too.

Anyway, what I’m saying is that if the section is Tacet, then ISV is all well and good for me. If they overlap, then I’d personally use a second staff but only have it visible above those few measures . That would let me take full easy advantage of midi regions and such. As far as a hack…. Pfiff. To me, that ship sailed like a century ago on the audio side. I think it’s a limiting double standard not to take some advantages of that in the score, but surely there is space for many opinions.