Playback for very very very long trills

Is there any limitation of duration for notes with a trill? I have a very long note with a trill (23 common time bars) and it stops some bars before reaching the end… I use generated trills.
Is there any solution for this? Breaking the tie and using a slur instead of a tie in the middle is not an option, as I can’t hide the auxiliary note of the trill (it is not the common 2nd up interval).

I enclose an example in which the trill stops from bar 24:
trill (831 KB)

Your poor violinists! I hope you’re going to give them double pay.

This looks to be a bug in the way the duration for notes in trills is calculated, which leads to an accumulation of a rounding error for very long trills, with the result that the calculated duration for each note in the trill ends isn’t correct. We’ll look at this when we get a chance.

hahaha it’s not so terrible as it seems, I hope the violinist will forgive me!
My music often brings the program, the performer and the public to their limits :smiley:
Thank you Daniel!

You can fix the playback problem by untying all the whole notes. Then delete and re-create the trill line. (I don’t know why you need to do that, but it doesn’t work if you don’t!)

Dorico joins up the sections of the “Hollywood style trill” perfectly, and the trill ends in the right place.

This isn’t quite as extreme as the timp part in the first movement of Bruckner 7. That is 390 bars rest, then one roll for 42 bars starting pp and ending fff. You then get 170 bars rest at the start of the second movement, to recover!

Thank you Rob, but it does not work in may case. I am using “auxiliary note” trill and the auxiliary note is under the main note.
By the way, I am happy to know that I am not so extreme as I thought :slight_smile:

You can set the auxiliary note independently for each whole note in a Hollywood trill. Select each auxiliary note and change its properties.

Unfortunately, you have edit them one at a time, but it works.

OK, thanks for the clue!