Playback: From last position, with last selection

I’m in search for a combination of these two features (quoting from the manual):

  • To play back multiple staves, select items on multiple staves and press P
  • To play back from the last playback start position, press Shift-Space.

It seems that the second option loses the previous information on which instrument were playing back then.

(Of course I know that I can focus on parts of the ensemble by creating new Layouts with only the selected parts, but this would be overkill here. All I want is to “hear the same thing again”.)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can set instruments to solo if you want to hear just them for more than one playback. You can deactivate all their solo states whenever you like.

Thanks, Lillie!

This of course presumes that I already know that I will want to re-hear the same thing later again when I select them the first time… :wink: