Playback from selection but with a little pre-roll?

I’ve checked the documentation and it appears that the pre-roll value which you can edit is really just for the start of a flow with regards to grace notes.

However what I’m trying to achieve isn’t related to that. Basically I’m trying to get something of a DAW-like behavior. When I’m editing a note and wish to play from selected, I hit ‘P’. However I typically don’t like this especially if the note I was just editing is in the middle of a bar, in a fast 16th note passage in a fast piece. By that I mean, I need to back up a little for context, at least by a bar or two.

Of course I can always hit multiple left arrows to go back further and play from an earlier selection. But it’s tedious if there’s a lot of fast notes. Or I can hit the shortcut for “select left by bar” (cmd+left arrow on Mac), and then hit ‘P’.

However I’d love it if I could just have a pre-roll option to play from where I’m parked without extra steps. Not sure if this is a feature request or perhaps it already exists buried somewhere in a menu?

Also alternatively I was setting up a macro shortcut using Keyboard Maestro. I am trying to access the key command “navigate to previous bar” but weirdly no matter what I try I can’t get this to do anything. What does “navigate to previous bar” mean then? Nothing seems to happen when I map it.

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I suspect the “navigate to previous bar” command you have found is the one that navigates the caret, so it would only do anything if the caret is shown.

Caret meaning while in note input mode? I tried that and the caret doesn’t move either. Not really sure what that shortcut is supposed to do!