Playback frustrations with HALion

After hours of exhausting and, honestly, frustrating work, I cannot understand why the playback components have such a hard time running. I am specifically working on an orchestral score and everything is unbelievably sluggish. The mixer takes up to 10 seconds to open and changes take upwards of 5 seconds to take effect (pushing a button, moving a slider, etc). Beyond that, I can’t understand how the mixer along with the actual HALion player work together. Changes made within the HALion dialogue windows seem to not even save or have any bearing on playback at all (volume levels, for instance) and the mixer seems to have random control over levels as well. For instance, I have the oboes and cor anglais ALL the way down (should be muted then??) and yet they still come blaring through my speakers.

My system, I think, should be fine for this?? Quad-core AMD A8 7410, 8 GB RAM (okay I know, not the most but task manager is only ever showing 4GB being used anyway). Has anyone else run into these issues? I wonder if the components aren’t installed correctly or if I’m completely missing something…surely working with the playback components does not require a $6,000 system with 32 GB of RAM and 6 cores just to run smoothly? Was never an issue in Sibelius or Finale…

Anyway, perhaps some people might be able to help out with even some of these issues I’ve been having.

Ugh. Sorry. But don’t let yourself get lost in hours of frustration. This should be the first place you come for answers, not the last!

The short answer is no, you don’t need an expensive system to get good play back performance. There’s clearly something amiss.

Have you searched some of the pertinent threads relating to play back issues? To get specific results, type multiple words into the search box, each preceded by a plus sign.

Normally all halion settings are regarded and also saved in the dorico project file.
For the oboe and ci unwantedly sounding, check in the halion window the output routing on the mix tab. Are they routed to Main or individual outs?
If still strange, could you please create an example project and post here? But mind you, I’m out of office and can’t have a look before august 19th. Thanks for your understanding.