Playback (galley view)

Hi, I’d like to submit a feature request for Dorico on the iPad!
In galley view, the playhead follows the notes, but it only switches when it reaches the very edge of the screen, making it hard to follow when playing along because you always miss the first notes when it switches.
I’d like to use this for play alongs for my guitar students.
Is there a possibility in the future to make the playhead gradually advance the score, so you can read it easily while playing?

We don’t plan to make Dorico scroll during playback, but I agree that it could be useful for Dorico to flip to the next position a little early, rather than only once the playhead actually leaves the view.


Hi Daniel, thanks for your response.
Too bad, I’m gonna have to keep moving it manually then!

Op 29 november 2022 om 23:37:51, Daniel at Steinberg via Steinberg Forums ( schreef:

New to Dorico and just searching this answer for myself, as I wanted to put up some videos from my iPad. I don’t suppose there’s been any improvement on this with the 5.1 release? I’m not sure where I should be looking for options.

No, there haven’t been any changes in this regard as yet.