Playback glitches

Just installed Cubase 6 on a Mac Pro Quad (2009) with an RME AIO interface. I can’t get smooth playback with one imported MP3 track. The audio get chopped every second or so in a steady rate. Like something is badly wrong with the sync.

Doesn’t happen with Cubase 5 tho…

EDIT: Old projects play just fine. Maybe it’s a bug. Try and import an MP3 file and play it in a 24/44.1 project.


Seems that imported WAV files (and such) plays fine. But imported MP3 stutters quite badly in playback. Anyone else having the same issue?

So, forget that mp3 format in a serious audio production. Decode once to .wav and troubles are over. If you’d want to use any mp3 as source data in a 24-44k1 project anyway… Personally - my ears don’t allow it :sunglasses:

Luck, Arjan