Playback going crazy

not respecting tempo and all an octave too high… horrible
any explanation & fix?
and also: löatest file makes the program crash… even with rebooting and restarting…

Sorry, no explanation. I’ve never heard of such a case before. Do you have a demo project that exposes that behavior and you could post here? And regarding the crashing, please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Dorico (573.4 KB)
respighi antiche dz uniorch def ok fo.dorico (2.2 MB)

Thanks for the data. I had a quick look through the log files but could not find anything unusual so far. And currently I don’t have a machine that can run Dorico, but I will have a look tomorrow morning again. A little patience, please.

than you very much for your time



Your NotePerformer instrument allocation is completely messed up – looks like you have been modifying things. I suspect if you simply reapply the NotePerformer Playback Template supplied with Dorico then everything will work properly. I’ve listened to some of this and checked that at least the first two marked tempi are correct. I also find nothing wrong with the pitches. No crash.

If you’re sure it’s still not working then could you please give some concrete examples from the score of what’s supposed to be wrong so I (and anyone else reading this thread with NotePerformer) can check further. Thanks!

Well, not really… I have not modified anything on purpose.

I will try installing dorico again. I hope it fixes it.

I tried a new piece and the result is still wrong, erratic tempo (faster and not regular) together with an oktave higher pitch in all intruments…

I will keep you posted

thank you all the same


@dko22 is correct.
Reapply the NotePerformer playback template (Play->Playback Template-> NotePerformer…). All tempi play correctly and all instruments are at correct pitch.

If you still have problems perhaps you should reinstall NotePerformer rather than Dorico.

going through, almost despairing, I checked the device setup, and there the Device Control Panel, and the Buffer Size was set to 512 samples, making the Output configuration play at 96000 Hz.
I changed the buffer size to 1024 Samples and automatically the output went to 44100 Hz, bringing everything back to normal.
Interestingly I never fumbled with this window and parameters… but a couple of days ago I let ProTools read a video file where the sampling Freq. was 96000. I don’t know enough of this computer magic to decide if this was the problem.
Now it looks ok.
I hope it lasts.
thank to all of you

Hi Francisco, yes, this now makes all sense. So ProTools set the sample rate of the audio device to 96kHz and Dorico was still assuming 44.1kHz, and since the clock of the audio device also drives the playback of Dorico, everything plays back double speed and an octave higher.
We have frequent reports of mismatches between 44.1 and 48kHz (resulting only in a semi tone), but you are the first to report the 96kHz mismatch, that’s why I did not immediately think about the obvious error.
But how about the crashing, do you still experience that? Because that is not related to the sample rate mismatch.

As Ulf said, a 96kHz mismatch is pretty extreme so it wasn’t the first thing to spring to mind here. But great that it’s sorted!

There is still a file that brings Dorico to crash on my desktop computer, but not on the laptop… mystery of life. it is the file I posted yesterday. Trying to open it, the windows open, the comes a beep, and Dorico quits… still now, but as said only on my desktop computer.
I can survive it, but I would like to know what is wrong.
Thanx for any help

I’ve asked Daniel to take a look at the crash file. The file that brings down Dorico on your desktop computer, is that the one you’ve attached earlier or is it a different one?

yes, that one

I’ve taken a look at the crash logs in your diagnostic report, @111172, and it looks like the problem is that Dorico is trying and failing to restore that project window into full screen mode, and for some reason that’s causing a crash.

To work around this, quit Dorico, and then using the Finder go to /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3.5. In there you will find a file called DocumentWindowPositions.ini. Delete that file.

Now when you restart Dorico, you should find that this project opens without any problems.

It worked!

Thank you so much.

Go on with your fantastic work