Playback grace notes

At start of flow, they don’t get played
Screen Shot 2022-02-27 at 8.41.51 AM

So, after stumbling around for an hour or so, I finally found the option to start playback earlier than first notes of flow (Playback Options->Timing->Flows (Pre-roll before flow). But, during my hunt to find the reason they weren’t playing back correctly, I stumbled on a bug, I think, in the piano-roll view of the Play tab:

… as you can see, only the upper note from the two grace notes is rendered and the duration is skewed. I fiddled with the grid granularity but even at 64th-note level, the lower grace is missing and the upper is wrong.

Not sure if this is a known issue, if not, it is now …

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In Playback options (as you have noticed), there’s a pre-roll time you can add, this was especially implemented for this kind of situation with grace notes at the beginning of a flow.
I don’t know about the representation of those grace notes in the key editor though.

Even with the pre-roll before flow set to some value greater than zero, Dorico does not display anything before the first beat of the first measure in the key editor, so the grace notes appear as sixteenth notes starting at the same time as the quarter note.


Thanks, I didn’t actually click in link-mode which would have shown the first D grace. Hence my thinking that the duration was skewed. Still an unfortunate rendering.

@derAbgang Salve,
a me l’audio funziona benissimo; ho impostato un bpm a 120 (per esempio) ed un tempo di pre-roll a 1 secondo; guarda l’allegato e capirai.
Buona Musica

In general, Dorico considers grace notes to be “attached” to the normal notes which follow:


Where would be that pre-roll setting in the iPad version of Dorico?

Dorico for iPad does not at the present time include the Playback Options dialog, though this is something we are likely to change in future versions.