Playback has random clarinet drone


I’m using Dorico 3.5 with NotePerformer and I just recently started getting an issue in an orchestra piece I’m writing where there’s a constant sounding middle C (sounding) coming from my first clarinet. I have written no such note into the piece. So far I’ve tried “Reset Playback Overrides”, restarting my computer, and resetting my SMC. When I switch the playback template to “HSSE+HSO (Pro)” it doesn’t seem to occur, but as soon as I switch back to NotePerformer it happens again. Any suggestions of what I should do?

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It sounds like an errant keyswitch…

Hi again,

I resolved the issue by deleting a trill that was later in the piece (in that same clarinet). Not sure why that was the culprit but anyways, fixed now.


Yeah that can happen in any DAW, but I have noticed Dorico seems to be more prone to the issue.

Nick, your problem is almost certainly as Dan (K) is suggesting, namely that you’ve manually changed the playback sound for your clarinet but not made the corresponding change to the expression map, so Dorico ends up playing a keyswitch note, e.g. to trigger a half-step or whole-step trill, which is unnecessary for NotePerformer (which handles trills in a different way). When you make changes to sounds manually, make sure you also change the expression map to be used for that instrument in the Endpoint Setup dialog.