Playback head calibration

Is it possible to ‘recalibrate’ the playhead so that it can be advanced and ritarded by smaller increments? It seems to have a very wide default setting (more than a half-note). That makes precise setting of markers more difficult if you’re not working from timing notes. Can it be dragged? Say I want to scrub the video to isolate a single frame and place a marker there? Is that done in the video panel of Write mode? Is there a way to do it with the mouse? Thank you!

You can increment and decrement by frame using Command-F9/Command-F7 (Mac) or Ctrl+F9/Ctrl+F7 (Windows). You cannot drag the playhead at the moment, but you can click in the ruler in Play mode to move it.

Thank you, Daniel. And apologies for the double query. I honestly wasn’t sure where the best place to post it was.

What’s that command on a Macbook, I wonder?

You may have to manually assign the key command if you’re lacking F keys, but that would be easily done.

On my macbook pro, the F keys are accessible using the Fn key (bottom left key) along with the top row of keys. Isn’t that the same on your macbook?

Unfortunately, pressing fn + 7 on my 2018 Macbook Pro does nothing…

There are some options in the Prefences of MacOS>Keyboard>Keyboard (first tab).