Playback/hidden tracks

Hi all, I’ve searched the forum but didn’t find a solution for my unique situation - perhaps someone here can help?

I have a unique situation in Dorico for iPad, whereby I have some MIDI recordings of electric piano improvisations, (Neo-Soul Keys, the best fender Rhodes emulation I’ve ever experienced!). I have imported these performances first into Logic to create a bespoke tempo track (since they were free improvisations with no click track) and then imported the resulting midi track (with correct tempo track) into Dorico for iPad. It works like a charm, putting the bar lines just where I want them and including the tempo changes correctly.
However I need to edit quite a lot of the details/nuances of timing and grace notes etc, because the midi import often makes these details very complex for a pianist to read. When I edit the score in Dorico to make it look more readable, the playback is affected, and not always in a good way. So I hit the perfect solution of adding a second track, copying all the midi data to that one too, and only editing one of the tracks (for a score) and hiding the other track (for correct playback).
It works - sometimes - but it depends on which window I have recently been in.

Essentially (TL;DR) I am trying to view (and edit) instrument 1 (the score) which is muted, and playback Instrument 2 (the original midi on the virtual instrument) which is hidden. So I am looking at my edited/more readable score, while listening to the unedited/more humanized/nuanced performance track. Since the bar lines always match, the two tracks are in sync, but I’m having trouble setting this up.

If I show both instruments in the Full Score section, I can mute the Score instrument in the Play tab and it works(plays only the original midi recording) - but then I can still see both piano staves. If I hide the Audio instrument (second piano stave) from Full Score, then it doesn’t play back !

Can I hide an instrument but still have it play back while editing another instrument viewed as a solo instrument?

Sorry for the long-winded explanation - trying to explain it !

Thanks in advance for any ideas!


You should be able to use manual staff visibility to hide one of the two instruments, then control which one plays back using the solo/mute buttons in the Mixer:

Thank you so much! This allowed me to do exactly what I wanted.

FYI (if you are on the Steinberg team) there seemed to be a little bug in the iPad Dorico which made it not work for me the first time:
I added the Audio part to the ‘Score’ view, and went to Write view and hid the Audio staves as per your instruction. They disappeared but the sound didn’t play. I looked at the Play view and somehow it hadn’t refreshed the instrument list - there was still only one instrument listed, the muted one( my edited score instrument). When I switched to Full Score and back to Score again, the Play screen updated and both instruments were there, and the sound played from the ‘invisible’ instrument. So I got it to work in the end! Let me know if you need more info on the slight weirdness/bug, as I don’t think I’ve explained it well :wink: and I can see whether or not I could reproduce it more clearly for the developers to fix it - looks like a screen/view refresh wasn’t happening when I added an instrument to a score view in the setup page.

Anyway thanks so much - your tip was fantastic and I’m very happy with the app!


That’s interesting, thanks for letting me know. You’re sure that you weren’t looking at a part layout so that only one of the two instruments was included to begin with?

Yeah I’m not sure exactly what happened, and it doesn’t reproduce the same error every time. But something is definitely a bit off, regarding the refreshing of the instruments listed on the Play tab, when I make changes on the SetUp tab… If I figure out exactly how to reproduce it, I’ll let you know in this thread! And I’m a new user, so I may just be misunderstanding how it is supposed to work - though I’m also a programmer and I tend to recognise when things look a bit off :wink:

Sometimes it just does something a bit weird, which I can usually resolve by resetting the app etc.

In the meantime, thanks for all your help!

Me again! I can’t get this manual hiding to work in Galley view - is it possible, or only in Page view?

Galley view shows everything.

Ok thanks! I was hoping to make one of those cool screen recordings via Galley view with the hidden track playing, but I guess that was a hope too far… :wink:
All good, I can do it another way. Thanks again.