Playback improvement

One thing that I really do have a lot of trouble with is, to get the sound out of Dorico after importing an XML. And when I change from internal Speakers to headphones and and and…it would be so great to have a Dialogue appearing automatically when changing this… like in Ableton, logic etc…

I always have tottery that “workaround” option> playback> silnce> save> finishing dorico> opening Dorico > etc

to avoid this would be really great…

Thank you

There are several solutions to your problem.

I personally have a 2nd (very cheap) soundcard for everything that’s not Sound production set as default. Dorico, Cubase and other professional applications use my expensive professional soundcard.

You could also get Asio multi-client or FlexASIO. I’m no expert so I leave you a link instead: software - How to make ASIO work with multiple programs simultaneously : how can I listen to Guitar Rig plus something else through the same interface? - Music: Practice & Theory Stack Exchange

Tank you but the problem is not to use the program simultaneously…the problem is that Dorico makes no sound when I plugin a headphone or import an xml…it behaves totally randomly…

There are a number of threads on this forum relating to headphones. Please read them.

Importing xml… Dorico will always use its default sound settings, as xml files do not contain any sound configuration information. No ‘tottery’ (or even lottery) is involved.

Ah I see… But that sounds like a PC (Audio configuration) issue, not a Dorico one. I suggest you follow Janus’ advice.

Hm, thanx, this:

My suggestion was, that you should

  1. Wiedergabe > Wiedergabevorlage > Wiedergabevorlage anwenden > Silent > anwenden und schließen

Dorico neu starten

  1. Wiedergabe > Wiedergabevorlage > Wiedergabevorlage anwenden > HSSE +HSO PRO > anwenden und schließen

It usually helps me with Noteperformer issues of any kind.

was an advice from klafkid for the same problem almost 1 3/4 yers ago…and the difficulties still exist. So my question was for a simpler way of use …f.e. like in logic or Ableton , where you can choose the output of the program…thats all…