playback in Cubase much louder than exported wav

So I get my mix/master (mastering on stereo bus) to where I want it to be in Cubase (sits nicely against reference material played on vlc etc)

However, when I export (16 bit wav using dithering) the wav listened back using VLC is much much lower than playback in Cubase, I don’t believe this is caused by VLS’s e.q settings as the attenuation if far too drastic.
what could be causing this?

any help would be greatly appreciated



Probably the VLC Volume slider affects it.

Do you use the control room mixer?

Control Room is Cubase Pro only, this is Cubase Elements.

Yes better reading for me next time :wink:

What do the levels of your mix show? Peak and RMS?
Usually the thing that is causing it is, your mix is mixed lower than your reference. Import both files into Cubase and compare them there.