Playback in Dorico 5 very quiet

I’m having a peculiar problem with the playback in Dorico 5.

For example, I have a tuba playing at FFF, and it’s playing back very quiet.

I go into the VST and adjust all the levels way up everywhere I can so it’s sounding very loud in my headphones. Then when I play the music, it all goes back to quiet. I go into the VST and all the levels are back down where they were before I changed them. I’m very confused.

the very confusing part is other instruments are fine from the get go, and when I adjust some instruments levels they stay where I put them.



Try adjusting the default gain level in the Play page of Preferences to be higher, then re-apply the playback template.

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I adjusted the default gain and it is still doing the same thing. I’m very confused.

It’s weird too, because, for example, I have 4 horns. I put them all at the same levels on the mixer and in the VST… I hit play, one goes to very quiet but the other 3 remain where I put them are a nice and full.

Are you using custom VST instruments? If so, do you have appropriate expression maps assigned so that Dorico can drive the dynamics for those instruments correctly?