Playback in Write and Play mode stops working (after being open for extended time)?

On a Macbook Air with M1 chip, Dorico SE

I have noticed that if I have Dorico open for an extended period without being shut down, the playback no longer works in either Write or Play modes. This persists across projects, including when they are closed and re-opened, and is solved by closing and reopening Dorico.

Any help would be appreciated.


I’ve not come across this problem myself, nor seen any other reports. Next time it happens, please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here so that we can take a look at the logs and see if there’s anything interesting or suspicious to be seen in there.

The file is attached.

Dorico (854.2 KB)

Can you say at roughly what time on what day the problem occurred?

I observed the problem about 20 minutes ago. The program was open overnight last night, and I last used playback midday yesterday. (EST – about 24 hours ago)

Everything looks OK on the whole in those logs. The only possible tell-tale sign is that the application logged out that the audio device had stopped responding just before you quit the session that started yesterday.

Have you been using any other applications that might have been changing the settings of your audio device while Dorico is running?

Nothing I can think of from a software perspective. I am sure I would have projected audio and video to an AppleTV at some point during the day; maybe that is related. This has happened several times, but I only notice it after Dorico has been open for an extended period.

I’ll watch for what’s happening when it reoccurs. I can’t think of what to do to try to replicate.

Hi Ogdred, just to reconfirm, you had a nearly 24 hour session with Dorico from 23.8.2021 11:14 until 24.8.2021 11:10. Was it during this long session that playback did not work? And if so, I presume it was to the end of the session that it did not work, right?
But as Daniel already mentioned, from the log files I also can’t see anything unusual, but we also don’t log every condition/state of the program.
To reproduce the problem, I’d suggest that you let Dorico run again for a longer period of time and if playback does not work anymore, immediately create a new diagnostics report and post here, please.
I will also try running Dorico for longer times and see how it behaves. I hope I can reproduce the issue.

Hi @Ogdred123 , I had Dorico running now for over 48 hours but no problem.
I have one more question. When that happens to you, is only the playback not working? What if you enter new notes, does that still produce sound?

Yes, it was during the long session that it did not work. This has reoccurred maybe 3 or 4 times. I rarely shut down my computer, so it may have happened over longer periods as well.

Right now, the session has been running for at least 24 hours, but has not had a problem yet.

I do not use immediate sound playback when I enter notes, but I will try that as well the next time I encounter the problem.

I did have the same problem again. At the time I noticed it, I was using AirPlay, sending a YouTube video to my AppleTV. I have some suspicion that may have happened at other times as well. (That is, Dorico stopped playing back after AirPlay had been used.)

This is the first time it has happened since the previous report, and I have had Dorico open for long periods. I have also used AirPlay with Dorico open, so it doesn’t always happen.

Dorico (1.4 MB)

Hi Ogdred123, thanks for the data, though I could not find the smoking gun in there.
But that with AirPlay is a good hint and indeed it might be related.
If it happens next time to you (maybe you can play more with AirPlay along with Dorico) then please go to Edit > Device Setup and change the sample rate to a different value, wait 5 seconds and switch it back to the old value.
Then close the dialog and try again with playback. Does it work then?