Playback in Write Mode


I´m an absolut newbe in Dorico, coming directly from Sibelius :wink:
I couldn´t find any hint in the manual or by trying several things in Dorico, so I have to ask here:

Are there any possibilities to
a) quickly change the tempo of the playback [space bar] in write mode – in order to listen in different tempi (for correction etc)? (The piece I´m composing right now is in presto, so its hard if everything is so fast all the time … :open_mouth:
b) select a single row to listen to (e.g. not the full piano but just the right hand …)?

Thanks in advance!


I can give you help with b): yes, if you select two notes in a system, only that system will play back

Thanks k–b!
If I select 2 notes in one line, it still plays the »player« means the full piano. Hm …

It’s true that Dorico plays back instrument-by-instrument, rather than stave-by-stave, so you can’t easily play back only the right-hand staff of the piano at the moment. We’ll think about how we might change this in future.

Dorico doesn’t have a “tempo slider” feature like Sibelius, either, so you’ll need to input a temporary slower tempo if you want to play back at a slower speed.

Please include a tempo slider.