playback in write mode

Is there a possibility to hear what you type in or edit?

If you are using MIDI step-time input, then you will hear the notes echoed back to you from your MIDI keyboard, but if you are using mouse or alphabetic input, at the moment there is no audible feedback, but this is something we will add as soon as we can.

As I asked in another thread, what about listening to just one instrument or a group of instruments, is that possible whiteout soloing/muting in the mixer?

Not currently, though the plan is that if you are in a layout then only the instruments in that layout will sound.

Hmm, well, that is good of course but not much of help when I’d like to listen to the woodwinds in an orchestral score, for example.

When clicking an existing note in write mode - it would be nice to hear it… possible/planned?

Not yet possible, but planned.

Any progress on this? This is a make-or-break feature for me and I relied heavily on this with Finale. I used to be able to hold down two keys and listen to whatever my cursor hovered over, the entire verticality.

No, I’m afraid this is not yet implemented, Nick, but it remains on our backlog.