Playback: Inconsistent dynamics when switching channels.

I have my cello section playing over two MIDI channels. Most of the time, it plays on channel 1, but some techniques, like unmeasured tremolo, are on channel 2.

At one point in my score, the notation goes from a regular note to an unmeasured tremolo note, both at a mf dynamic specified a few bars prior. A couple of bars later, I notate an unmeasured tremolo crescendo from mf to ff. This plays back fine, but when I restart playback at the mf regular note, the first unmeasured tremolo plays at ff when it should be mf. (Of course, I can force the first unmeasured tremolo to play at the proper dynamic by notating mf.)

Is this a bug? Does Dorico not forcibly set values for some controllers when switching channels for a staff? Or is there some convention or setting that I’ve overlooked?

No, Dorico will not update running dynamics in such cases. This was mentioned quite recently and I think PW responed positively to it… so I hope it will be implemented soon…

OK, my apologies for raising an issue to which Dorico personnel had recently responded.