Playback is all of a sudden 1 semitone flate.

I don’t know what I did to change it, but now everything plays back 1/2 step flat.I don’t know if its a sample rate issue with my macbook or if the midi stream is transposing.

Any ideas of where to begin would be geatly appreicated.


If it’s a semitone out then that suggests that another application has changed the sample rate.

You should find that going to Edit > Device Setup, choosing another sample rate, waiting a moment, and then re-choosing the original sample rate will take care of the problem.

you guys are the best, thanks!

Just noticed the same issue here. Do we know what apps may be causing this? (Daniel’s fix worked for me too)

For me, it’s when I play a youtube video while dorico is open. It doesn’t always happen. I suppose it has to to with the samplerate of the video being played.

Happens here (on Mac) when Logic is open at the same time and it’s set to 48KHz.

That’s interesting - I already had a feeling it was YouTube.

It’s possible that an external mic you had plugged in changed the sample rate. A less effective way to bypass that (if you want to keep using whatever it is that changed the sample rate) is to go change the coarse to -1 semitone in Halion, though this is the less preferable method!

You can have Dorico run at 44100 or 48000, you may just want to check and use the same sample rate in all programs.