Playback is still a mess for me

Using Dorico 4.2. I have not had good results using Dorico for big band projects. Always (sob!) ended up finishing in that “other” program.

My latest project I started with a Dorico Big Band template. Did not make any changes except for adding a trumpet 5. Everything goes ok. I listen back and why don’t I hear any brass, except trumpet 1? HALion receives the MIDI messages but makes no sound. Saxes and rhythm section are ok. Shouldn’t this be simple? Everything I can think of looks good but still doesn’t work.

What’s going on?

Without knowing more about how you added Trumpet5 it’s hard to say… But a simple step would be to reapply the HSSE+HSO Playback Template.

Have you reapplied the Playback Template?

Also, if you’re just using the supplied sounds, do you want to attach your project and I’ll see if it happens here too?

Damn it!! Everyone keeps beating me!!

I added trumpet five by adding a new player.

Wasn’t aware of the possibility to re-apply the template. That took care of it!


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