Playback issue (Doesn't play back, or partial playback)

I installed Dorico on my good Mac (see specifications below).

I was working on a score that I want get from handwritten to engraved. It is a musical of sorts. I added the players, and instruments.

I hit play, and things were humming along just fine. I went to add a double bar, and the program crashed. I reopened Dorico, and there was no playback at all.

I tried again, still no play back at all.

I then restarted the computer, and now playback is working for one of the baritone voices (a Capella) , but not for the piano that comes in at the end of the voice part (solo part).

Any ideas?


Seems that after the crash the project went into a strange state. Could you please go to Play mode and then choose from the menu Play > Apply Default Playback Template ? Does that fix the playback?

I restarted the computer and the problem fixed itself, I believe.

However, I have a large score, and it isn’t playing the clarinet sound. In the play menu, it chose Halion SE under VST for the playback (default setting, I did nothing). During install I did not see it install a clarinet part. And in fact, I didn’t see a lot of instruments. When I choose Symphonic Orchestra, under the VST it plays back a clarinet part, but the volume is almost inaudible. The volume during the whole score playback was with SO selected was very soft, even marked at ff.

Also, as I am adding music into the score, I do not see information in the piano roll under the Play menu. I show the first 12 bars or so, but nothing else is showing up.

I am not sure if all of the sounds were loaded, upon installation.


The quiet clarinet is probably caused by an incorrect mod wheel vs note velocity allocation. I haven’t come across this problems with clarinets before - maybe this is one of the less common variants. Are you able to attach the (zipped) Dorico file here?

Can I e-mail it to you? I am at work at the moment, and can get to it you in about 1 1/4 hours.

Also, on a Mac, where am I supposed to see if all of the sounds were even loaded?


You can PM it to me. What you need to do:

  • go to Play mode
  • in the VST Instruments panel press ‘e’ to show the HALion windows
  • the order of instruments should match those in the score, so you should be able to see where the clarinet is
  • select the row containing clarinet patch in the HALion window
  • press the virtual keyboard -you should see a bit of VU meter activity
  • if it’s sounding but really quiet then try turning up the mod wheel. if that has fixed it then we know it’s a modwheel/note velocity issue
  • You could also try loading in a different clarinet patch.

One one of my files last night, I could see the Halion VU meter work but not hear the sound, whereas in other files the sound was fine. I’m puzzled and am willing to keep plugging at it to find what is happening. I’m not in a rush.


None of that seems to work.

Here is what my Virtual Racks show. After 10 minutes, nothing changed. Still “loading.”
Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 4.25.19 PM.jpg
Here is another graphic, showing the lack of data in the piano roll.
Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 4.23.32 PM.png

Restarted my computer. Reloaded Dorico and got this…
Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 4.53.00 PM.jpg
Restarted Dorico, opened the same file, saw nothing was loaded, applied defaults and now I see this.
Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 4.59.39 PM.jpg
The clarinet part when inputting notes via MIDI keyboard are now loud.

Same issue with the piano roll. No data when there is data in the instrument.

I am not sure what is going on.


I have a similar problem with this file.

For instance, the cello does not play the E (bar 1, bear 4) and the final C (bar 2, beat 3).

Same missing notes for the double bass, plus the B (bar 1, beat 2). Since the sounds are already an octave lower in HALion for the double bass, Dorico plays the double bass one octave lower than expected, which means two octaves lower than written!. So this B is simply out of range for HALion.

The missing notes are shown as played on the HALion keyboard.

… I can’t upload the Dorico file, because the forum form says “The extension dorico is not allowed.” !!

Please try zipping it up and then attach it.

The transposed double bass is a problem we know about and hope to fix soon.

Now I have this error : “The file is too big, maximum allowed size is 2 MiB.”

All these bugs everywhere start to get on my nerves. Do you need a web developer? This is my job to make these things work…

I send a screen capture so you can reproduce the file…
Test file capture.tiff (1.26 MB)

SImilar issue to Paul W’s problem with clarinet, only mine is Horn. Seems to me a default mod wheel level of 64 for each player unless dynamics are assigned would be helpful here.

I am sure some of this is a bug of sorts. But for me, I found that if I opened the score,no instruments loaded. I don’t know why… but, if the very first thing I do is under the play menu, apply defaults, it seems to load ok.

I have shared my file with Paul, he saved it, and sent it back. His file loaded right away with instruments. I then opened my file, and out of nowhere the instruments loaded. Slower than Paul’s file, but they loaded.

Tony, I would recommend that you try to apply default template from the play menu immediately after opening the score. See if that makes a different. It seemed to for me.


P.S. - Keep in mind that I am using the default playback (Halion something or other)

Thanks, Robby. I did do that, actually, and it did do the trick. However, I think we’re limited to Halion SE calling the shots instrument-wise for now… customization seems to invite a lot of weirdness.

Yes, I would wait for the next update before trying any 3rd party VSTs as that should have much better support for them.

Speaking of which, can anyone tell me how to use 3p VSTs in the first place? Can’t figure it out.

In Play Mode, on the right hand side there is the list of VST Instruments. By default you should have one or two instances of HALion there. Click on the text “HALion Sonic SE” and a list of all available instruments will drop down. Additionally, at the bottom of the list is a ‘+’ button to add more instruments to your rack.
But as Paul said, use at “your own risk of frustration.” :wink: