Playback issue for orchestra score

Hi everyone,
I’m having a strange issue with playback in the attached orchestra score. (I know wind instruments can’t hold notes like this, I’m going to write in breaths later.) When I play it, the big full-orchestra chord at the beginning sounds for a moment and then most of the instruments cut out right away. There are similar issues with each new chord (bars 24 and 33). I tried reapplying the playback template but that didn’t seem to help.

It’s also not consistent — sometimes everything cuts out; sometimes one or two instruments are left; sometimes more.

Can anyone explain why it’s doing this? Thanks very much in advance!

THP playback issue.dorico (3.0 MB)

Sounds OK here.

Played fine for me, too. Could it be an issue of processor speed or RAM in your system? You might also look into getting an external USB audio device. I’m quite happy with my FOCUSRITE Scarlett 2i2. I have a Ryzen 5, 2.10 GHz processor with 32g of RAM on a windows 10 laptop, and I can run a full orchestra playback using Synchron Prime, or various combinations of libraries (even some of the very system resource-heavy BBC Core ones) and have had very few issues with playback. Good Luck!

Also check buffer size.

Hi @ajharbison ,

exactly that what Derrek already wrote.
Looking at the project data, you are driving the Built-in audio driver at a block size of 32 samples. That puts a heavy load on your cpu. Please try with 128 or 256 samples buffer size. How’s that going?

Hi Ulf and @Derrek,
Thanks for the suggestion — I gradually increased the buffer size all the way up to 2048, and while it got a little better with each increase, I was still getting a couple of instruments cutting out even at 2048.

If you still get drop outs with 2048 buffer size, that suggests that either your machine is not powerful enough, or you are running other software in parallel which is concurring with Dorico’s audio engine.
What is your system spec?

I’m on a late 2015 ( :face_with_diagonal_mouth:) 27-inch iMac running Monterey (12.7.4), with a quad-core i7 and 32 GB of memory. Dorico

I did just try it on my 2023 MacBook Air, which has a more up-to-date OS, and it worked just fine. So it probably does have to do with my iMac’s specs. Is there anything I can do to help it out while I save up for a new desktop? (Apart from using the laptop?)

Thanks for your help!

I’d try to boot up the iMac with as little services and startup apps as possible. Basically, everything you think is not needed, kill if off or don’t even let it start.
How is it then doing?

Also, in the past WiFi adaptors were well known for causing trouble with audio applications.