Playback issue - Screen position moving

I updated to Dorico 3.5.12 this morning… so this might be an issue with the update.

I have a file with 100+ flows. I am using Dorico to make music examples for a music educational video series. The graphic export seems to work great, no issues. However, for a few examples the creator wants to see the moving green line in playback. Up until today, I simply zoomed in close, started a screen recording of that particular flow, began playback, and stopped the screen recording at the end. No issues.

After the update, when I line everything up to record flow 81, click in the first note of the flow, hit P for playback, Dorico now jumps to the end of the previous flow, before jumping back to the flow I am trying to play/record. This jumping around moves screen and the selection no longer lines up the way I intended on the flow (on Mac it is SHIFT+COMMAND+5). Now it seems I cannot make a screen recording of the playback.

Does anyone else have this issue? Can anyone think if a work around?

Thank in advance!

Something I noticed… it seems to happen when the flow starts on the left hand page.

Any help would be appreciated.


I don’t suppose recording in Galley mode would work for you?

I have to say, when I tried this on my machine (Windows) I could not reproduce your experience. Of course, many differences could exist between your file and mine; so that may not be indicative.

Tried an experiment with Dorico SE on my Mac with a very simple piano file, but did not see the “jumping back” there either.

Wish I could be more helpful.

I had the same issue in Galley view.

Perhaps it is the file itself. I’ll recreate the example in a new file and see if I experience the same issue. If I do, I will include a screen capture of the event.


I created a new file, and started from scratch. The new does NOT exhibit the same behaviors and the original file. I cannot say to the why, but the good news is, I am not stuck…

Thank you for taking the time to look into it. The fact that you attempted , in my thoughts with a new file, prompted me to create a new to try… and it worked!

Thank you!