Playback Issue with Headphones

I’m having an issue with playback, in particular with trying to get sound through the headphones.

My Setup:

  • Running Cubase Elements 7 on Windows 7 64bit
  • Interface: Mbox mini 2
    – Input: Microphone running to input 1 (correctly set up in VST Connections)
    – Output: Headphones running through headphones port (Stereo Out set up - as out 1 and 2)

When I record through input 1 waves show - when I enable monitoring I hear perfectly through the headphones (signals come through the mix console). Yet when I hit play (with record not enabled and monitoring off) no sound comes back and no feedback through mix console.

Oddly - when I input an audio file (in the dialogue box there is a play button to test) When I hit play there the sound comes through the headphones fine.

I have followed the tutorials and guides to set up the VST Connections, however, for some reason no playback at all. I have also searched the forums to no avail also.


Your output needs to be set up using the (I assume this because you did not say what audio driver you are using) driver for the Mbox mini 2. So in the VST output tab make sure you have a stereo out (L&R) bus set up with your audio device listing the Mbox and the Mbox main outs set up for the device ports.

Good luck…

Regards :sunglasses:

Yeah I have that all set up - decided to switch back to Pro Tools for now.

I have the right drivers installed as the playback does come through the headphones when selecting play through the audiofile (within the dialogue box of Cubase)