Playback issue with instrument deactivation

hey team,

Every time I reopen a project that I have made, there is no sound in playback. I am sure that my output device is correct, which is to my audio interface.

I then when to play mode and realized that all my instruments are deactivated, I clicked on activate bottom but it didn’t work. When I click on a midi note, the instrument is deactivated again. Please help, I need to submit a project.

Update, I checked with my other project and I found out that, the project that only uses the stock library works fine, there is sound.

However, the one that I used both Kontakt and the stock library didn’t work, all instruments don make a sound including the stock ones.

Can you send that project to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’? Full confidentiality guaranteed.

Sure, I didn’t find the place to send it, can you please me a link?

is Ulf’s e-mail address

OHHH Thanks a lot

Just sent it! thx!

It turned out that in the Dorico mixer the metronome channel (DoricoBeep) was soloed and therefore all other instruments muted.
So to all others who read this and might also face a similar issue, please check the Dorico mixer (F3) for muted or soloed channels.

Thanks a lot, Its fixed!!!