Playback Issue

Whenever I play recorded audio back when my audio interface is disconnected, I get no sound as if the tracks are muted. I am plugged straight into my windows laptop 1/8" jack with headphones. The meters in Cubase do not show me any audio signal. It worked before and I do not know what changed. Cubase did crash a few times before I reinstalled. I tried/checked the following things:

-Audio connections and studio setup properly setup and connected to the AISO driver. I also tried playing back with the generic low latency driver. I Artist so I’m not dealing with control room connectivity.
-Re-installed Cubase, and updated from 10.0.10 to 10.0.15
-Made sure tracks were not muted, although if this were the case the same thing would’ve happened while my audio interface is connected

Are there any other things I can check?



What kind of ASIO driver do you use while using internal Audio Device? I would recommend to use ASIO4ALL (if you are on Windows).