Playback issues, Doric - Noteperformer 3

What’s the reason behind Doricos somewhat irrational behaviour playing back mutes, dynamics, slurs etc!?

Using Noteperformer 3. See attached Doric file.

  1. The only way to change from one mute to another is by using Nat. before the new mute. Otherwise it won’t change.
  2. Brass instruments uses Open to say to the player to remove any mute. Why is Doric using the wrong term?
  3. If there’s to much information things are left out. That is if slurs, accents, dynamics and mutes occurs on the same time only one of them seems to be playing back. How come?

Wishlist regarding playback.

  1. Change so that Open is used and plays back, instead of the wrong Nat.
  2. When going from for example Cup Mute to Harmon Mute, make the change play back without having to use Nat. between.
  3. It would be great if Dorico would play back everything in a score instead of choosing one out of many and leave out the rest.

Besides that everything works great and Noteperformer sounds and works great! I tried to attach a Dorico file showing what I mean, but that doesn’t seem possible. “Invalid file extension” is the message I get when I try.

Best wishes!

NotePerformer 3 is very much still Beta. It’s beta because it’s not finished!

To upload a file here you have to zip it first, but to be honest you’re not telling this forum anything it doesn’t already know. Have a search for NotePerformer and you’ll find existing threads that discuss all the things you’ve mentioned.

There are quite a few threads already regarding Noteperformer, discussing these exact issues.

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•Combination of articulations doesn’t currently work in Dorico.
•This is a known bug, and a fix may be expected in a future update of Dorico.


Thanks for your replies. Yes, I see that this has been discussed before. I had some communication with Arne Wallander who says that the problems with mutes not playing back properly, and other issues mentioned, are a problem caused by Dorico and not Noteperformer. I hope that the next Dorico update will adress this. It’s not a problem unless I need to send my musicians a mp3.

The next update will not substantively address these issues. In the meantime you can use nat./ord. playing techniques in between each desired change of technique, and these can be hidden if need be.