Playback issues - no sound

I’ve been experiencing some playback issues with Dorico lately - currently running Dorico Pro 3.1.10 on Windows 10. I try to press play from anywhere in any given project, and no sound comes out. I’ve tried playing audio from other applications on my laptop, both when Dorico is and isn’t running, and it comes out just fine. Not sure if it’s a Dorico issue or a laptop issue?

I’ve attached a diagnostics report and a sample project. I’d greatly appreciate any help at all!


Bennie Green’s Trombone Solo on Benny’s Back.dorico (385.6 KB)
Dorico (380.2 KB)

It looks from your diagnostics that Dorico is unable to find a sensible audio output device. Can you go to Edit > Device Setup and try re-selecting the default Generic Lower-Latency ASIO Device? If you’re still unable to get sound after that, you might try the free alternative FlexASIO driver instead.

That worked perfectly! Thanks so much for your help with this.