Playback issues on reopened project. CPU hits over 100%


I created this simple track with 3 or 4 channels.
Using a Retrologue cubase instrument. When i created this some weeks back the mac ran smoothly no issues at all. but today i have re-opened the project and the CPU% on my activity log hits way over 100% and i think this is the reason why the sound cuts for a few seconds. The computer doesn’t freeze you can still see the bar running along however the sound just cuts.

does anyone know why this issue occurs or any solution?
my mac is OS X El Capitan
memory 16gb
3.3 ghz intel core i5

this is a top of the range mac but still having issues.



Increase Buffer Size of your Audio Device, please.

how do i do that?


This is really basic knowledge written many times already. Please, search the forum, or watch Cubase 7 Quick Start Video Tutorial Chapter 1.

In general: Devices > Device Setup > your ASIO driver name > Control Panel.