Playback issues when Placing Grace note after a note - Cannot extend note's playback length in Play mode

I have 2 problem with placing grace note after a note.
I want to play some kind of Ornament that sound like notes: “D-E-D” But I want the D to be hold for all 1/4 Crotchet then the “E” is coming in a little late (after D is pressed and continue to be pressed) and the “E” gone immediately (like an “after note” grace note).
It is common also in Turkish music.
I have 2 problems:

  1. I cannot force Dorico to display the “D” as Crotchet without splitting it to Semiquaver (1/16) and tied to “D” dotted quaver after displaying the “E” grace note. See “Desired” example attached
  2. On Playback - Dorico doesn’t play the D as Crotchet! It playback only the beginning of the note (semiquaver) till “E” appears, even while the D is tied to the rest of the dotted quaver!
  3. I try to manually extend the D note playback length under Play section Piano key editor, it looks OK till I press Space to hear the playback, then Dorico suddenly decide to shorted the D playback back to the Semiquaver (1/16). I cannot force it to play the “whole” 1/4 (Crotchet).
    I even tried to use the Chord tool while adding the “E” - didn’t help.
  • Problem Exist both in Dorico 3 & 3.5

The only way I could do something closer to the effect I want is using this:

I think you can solve all of this by using two voices, just as you’d do if it were Western Classical Music:

That’s a great Workaround for this bug!
Thanks!! :smiley:

I don’t really see how it’s a bug. You can’t have two notes overlapping in one voice without splitting the first note into a tie chain. That’s a fact of modern western notation, isn’t it?

I’ve meant the issue that I cannot manually extend the Playback notation in Play Editor to the length that I want it to be heard.