Playback issues

Hello! I recently bought Dorico Pro and I am having issues with playback sound. In both the Write and Play tabs, no audio is coming out. I have the proper files installed and have Halion Sonic SE on the right of the play tab. I have gone into the playback templates and set it to HSSE+HSO (Pro) all to no avail. I think it has to do with Dorico not automatically filling in an instrument in the Halion Sonic SE window, as when I launch the Halion window, nothing is loaded in the first slot as was shown in a video I watched on the topic. Any help would be appreciated.

Welcome to the forum, matthewlike. Can you please try working through the troubleshooting steps shown in this video and see if one of the steps in there solves your problem. If not, please create a new project containing a piano instrument with a few notes, zip that up and upload it here. Please also do Help > Create Diagnostic Report from inside Dorico, which will create a zip file called “Dorico” on your desktop. Upload that here, too. We’ll get it sorted out soon enough!

Hello. I watched the video you attached and tried all of the provided solutions but none of them worked. In the video when they clicked the Halion Sonic SE window they had an instrument loaded in the first slot, which I do not have. I have attached a zipped file of a test project and a diagnostics report as asked. Hopefully, this may get resolved soon.
Untitled Project (375 KB)
Dorico (177 KB)

From the diagnostics it looks like you have not installed the sound contents. Please go to the Steinberg Download Assistant and download the 9GB sized sound library package.
Yes, it’s huge but it contains all the sound files that Dorico needs to produce sound during playback.
When you downloaded the package, you also need to let run the installer for it. After that Dorico shall also playback on your system.

Hello. I redownloaded the sound files and everything is now working fine. Thanks for y’all’s help.