Playback Issues

Ulf! my friend, how are you?

Please check this video and PLEASE help if you can.

Thanks, and keep safe! :slight_smile:


This looks to be the messed up portmapping issue that is known (and fixed in the next update). If you upload the file here then Ulf or I can fix it for you.

Oh ok, can’t wait for the next update.

Files attached as requested, but only pictures can be added…so a shared the Dropbox links.


Hello Hans,

indeed, as Paul suspected, it was that dreaded portmapping issue.
I’ve attached here a zip with both project files applied with a little magic.

Now, all you need to do is, load my modified project into Dorico, go to Play Mode and do Play > Apply Default Playback Template. Then your project shall sound again. And don’t forget to save the project again, probably under a new name.


P.S.: By the way, you can attach here anything if you first zip it up beforehand. (1.12 MB)

Hi Ulf, so good to hear from you again!

Thank you for your wizardry! Will this “magic” ONLY work for these files or did you somehow fix something in my Dorico?
Somehow I take it this was a stupid question…which means this anomaly will happen with future projects as well until the coming update. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the zip advice.

Keep well, my friend

This anomaly certainly can happen again in other projects, but you can always follow the steps I posted here to fix these projects for yourself, if you’re careful.