Playback ist kaputt

I’m unable to get playback to work. I’ve followed all the steps correctly to fix NP. In C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Dorico 3, I have the Playback and Plugin folders correctly (?) installed.

Dorico 3 opens without the usual NP error message, and NP is loaded correctly as the template. But I can’t get any sound. P loads the green cursor, but it’s stopped. And when I open the NP window, I get the instructions on how to install it.

Further, Shift-Alt-Spacebar (Play from beginning of flow) causes Dorico to freeze. Trying P more than once also causes Dorico to freeze.

However, I also can’t get HSO to playback either. Same results.

Diagnostics attached. Is there anything obvious I’m missing?
Dorico (687 KB)

Hi Dan,

Sorry to hear you’re having problems - there have been a few users who seem to be experiencing this problem and unfortunately we really don’t have enough information as to what’s causing it. The symptoms seem to be this hang on playback, and then the last thing in the application log is the line:

WARNING addEventsForAudition() timeout - audition events won’t be sent

Is this only happening with NotePerformer, or is it ok with HSSE? One theory is that it could be related to sample rates of audio device exclusive modes, so try changing the system sample rate, opening Edit > Device Setup and re-selecting the device and sample rate from there, toggling the exclusive mode setting, connect/disconnect headphones. Try some of the things in the Dorico Playback Troubleshooting video between 12:00 and 14:30.

I started to get playback problems one hour ago as well and could not get it back anymore. The sound started at first to sound very metallic (Noteperformer) and after switching to HSSE and back again, no sound at all anymore. P for playback doesn’t response anymore, Dorico freezes. Also the play button becomes black when pressed.

The doctor is in. I tried those steps, and it worked. I’m back online, for now.

Thanks Paul!

When in that condition and you open the HSSE editor window, can you still play with the mouse on the on-screen keyboard and sound does come out. That would at least mean that the audio engine is still running and responding. Also, could you please provide a diagnostic report and at what point of time about the playback stopped working?

The playback is working again normally after switching back and forth between Silence and the NotePerformer template and restarting Dorico. I remember that the problem started last night after I switched to the HSSE+HSO (Pro) template and back again to NotePerformer.

Do you recall which of the steps fixed it for you?

No. I guess it would have been helpful to have been more methodical. I did ‘em all at once.

I’m glad that you got sorted, but if you have a few moments to help us diagnose what’s going on then that would be incredibly helpful. If you could open an Explorer window to %APPDATA%\Steinberg and then rename the folders VSTAudioEngine3_64 and Dorico 3 (so that we can get back to a known good state by renaming them back later). Then see if you can reproduce the hang again. If you can, then I’d be very interested in the logs.

I renamed the Dorico 3 folder in AppData, and I experienced the same freeze as before.

Renaming the VSTAudioEngine3_64 had no apparent effect on playback.

When you get the hang, if you then restart and go to Edit > Device Setup and choose a device, does that fix it?

Yes. I had “Generic blah blah driver selected” already. I clicked to open the dropdown and selected it again, then closed. Playback then started working.

I also have issues with playback, or even selecting an audio interface (impossible)
Playback hangs Dorico (have to force quit : I did a proc sample before)
My playback uses only IAC drivers out, no internal instrument on vst engine.


Sample of (21.5 KB)

I just found that my midi input device had all IAC ports enabled…
I guess some kind of loop went on.
It’s better now…