Playback jitters and cuts out

Thanks! I’ll check it out.

I’m afraid FlexASIO is only for Windows, so it won’t help on macOS. It does sound like gradually a resource on your computer is becoming exhausted, and that quitting and restarting Dorico – which I would guess will be among the most resource-intensive programs you are running for long periods of time on your computer – is sufficient to allow your computer to recover those resources again. We test Dorico periodically with profiling tools to make sure that it is not leaking resources to any meaningful degree, so I am reasonably confident that Dorico itself is not likely to be the cause of any resource exhaustion. But it could very well be that the combination of other software you’re running on your computer at the same time is making a contribution to the problem. If quitting and restarting Dorico is sufficient to alleviate it, then provided you’re not having to do this every (say) half an hour or so, this is probably what you should continue to do.