Playback jitters

Today for the first time, all my playback is skipping and giving a strange jitter. It’s never happened before. It’s skipping at regular intervals, right at 86 bpm (no relation to the music tempo).

I’m using a Focusrite interface, buffer set to 1024, and both Dorico and the interface are 48k. No changes to any of those settings. It feels like a clocking issue. I’ve tried switching to 44.1 and back to 48.

Any idea what could be causing the skipping? It’s bad enough that it’s not usable!

NB all projects are jittering, big or small. No hitter on playback through other programs, like Spotify.

In your Dorico Device Setup, what’s your ASIO Driver? In Windows sound settings, when you select “More Sound Settings” (in Win11), are all the active devices set to 48k? Have you disabled any devices you don’t want Windows to use? (Like any mobo or monitor sounds) Even if playback is screwy, will the audio still export ok, or are the jitters in the export too?

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Thanks Todd for those suggestions. It’s fixed now. For some reason I re-installed Focusrite Control 3.6 (which is supposedly the latest version) while I still had 3.9 installed (no idea how), got two BSODs, uninstalled everything Focusrite, reinstalled, and now it works. :man_shrugging:

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